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This week's video is a walk through slip-sliding double-stops reminiscent of something Jimi Hendrix might play.

Note that it says "With Ukulele Accompaniment"

A solo arrangement 'ukulele tab for the Tin-Pan Alley favorite, Has Anybody Seen My Gal?


This lesson looks at the power of wide-range "open" chords and how to play them on the 'ukulele.

Sweet Child of Mine - andrew Molina

The Guns and Roses classic covered by Andrew Molina.


This week's throwback is an interview from October of 2007. I was just getting to know Chuck and he was just getting started building.

4 Strumming Tips with Brad Bordessa

From hand movement to finger angle to timing, here are some pointers to smooth out your strumming.


Autumn Leaves

'Ukulele tab for a jazz standard.