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Looking for a little guidance in your 'ukulele studies? I currently have lesson times available on Mondays at 9am, 11am, and 2pm HST. Click through for more info.

» Video

An original instrumental from yours truly off of my EP, Point A. The 'ukulele is a very fun-sized Tiny Tenor from Romero Creations. It has the length of a concert with a tenor scale and sounding board size. I [...]

» Song Chords

As far as contemporary Hawaiian music goes, Keali'i Reichel is one of my favorite artists. Everything he does is great, live or in the studio. Hanohano Ka Lei Pīkake is a simple tune so it's [...]

» Review

My thoughts on James Hill's romping new album. It's big, it's bold, and it sounds old (in a good way)!

» Throwback

A recently updated page all about how to figure a song out by ear including tips on finding the key, melody, chords, and more. Why look for a tab when you can figure it out yourself?

» Lesson

'Ukuleles will be hot ticket gift items this year*. Here's what to do once the wrapping comes off. (*Some learning required)

» Video Lesson

Took a moment to shoot a quick video about the most basic of jazz progressions this afternoon. It's in the key of F, but highly useful in every key - transpose it for practice! http://youtu.be/HlrJkCQYYhI

» Lesson

The Achilles heel of many an 'ukulele player. Learn how to work with a metronome to improve your timing and instill groove into your songs.

» Interview, Throwback

A look back at Mr. Hussey's 2008 interview in which he talks about musical heroes and reducing the amount of ego in your music.

» Interview, Video

I'm back! The Kahumoku 'Ohana Music and Lifestyle Workshop was fantastic this year and one of the many awesome people I met is Pepe Romero Jr. - son of the famed classical guitarist and a [...]