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» Video

Here's another tune from my opening set at the Peace Day Concert back on September 21. This time it's an original instrumental piece called Send My Regards. The edges of hurricane Ana are making for a rainy day here in [...]

» Gear

Here's a doozy of a link that showed up in my inbox yesterday. I just had to share because it's so absurd. [From their site:] "The Ukulele Chord Changer fits all standard ukuleles and allows you to play the ukulele [...]

» Chords, E-Book

I'm proud to announce the release of my e-book, 'Ukulele Chord Shapes! It's been in the works for a long time and the day has finally come to share it with the world. 'Ukulele Chord Shapes is a comprehensive chord [...]

» Technology Know-How

Ever find a recording in the wrong key that you really want to play along with? Here's how to work around that with GarageBand for Mac

» Video

This past Sunday I opened for John Cruz at the Honoka'a People's Theater. Here's one of the songs I played. Originally done by State Radio. http://youtu.be/WhtmiRH_uSs

» Throwback

An updated, in-depth look at different types of 'ukulele pickups including explanations of under-saddle transducers, sound-board transducers, active and passive systems, and some of the most popular brands and models.

» Album Release

James Hill rolled out his new album for the world yesterday. "The Old Silo invites you into a world of new beginnings, old regrets, might-have-beens, burning questions, beautiful women, horny geezers and gold diggers. Produced by indie rock hero Joel [...]

» Song Chords

Here's a wordy song about musical stardom with one of the most well-known strumming intros of the era. Mr. Jones uses a clever minor progression in A minor that changes to C major for the chorus. The chords are pretty [...]

» Throwback

Any ‘ukulele that you buy is an investment. Here are some updated tips to protect that investment.

» Song Chords

This is a Hawaiian standard written by Edith Kanaka'ole about picking seaweed. Hapa popularized it on their self-titled debut and it has since become the contemporary version everyone turns to. Uluwehi O Ke Kai has only three chords and follows [...]