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The title of this video on Youtube is "Julian Egan slaughtering a James Taylor song called You Got A Friend." I don't think "slaughtering" has made its way into pop lingo as a positive expression, but "killing it" has. Let's [...]

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When comes to great, simple writing in the contemporary Hawaiian genre, it's hard to beat John Cruz. He's a master of doing interesting things with easy chords while keeping his melodies catchy. Acoustic Soul is Cruz's first album and contains [...]

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It's been a long time coming, getting these two together on stage. Here are a few videos that showed up on Youtube. I really liked seeing the musical interaction when both were out of their comfort zone playing the others [...]

Andrew Kitakis
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If you have UAS and do any amount of 'ukulele research online you are probably familiar with Hawai’i Music Supply and The Ukulele Site. The man behind them is Andrew Kitakis who I interview here about his work.

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I don't know of too many traditional tunes that fall into the category of "hit song" within memory. But it seems that Peter, Paul, and Mary's ditty, Puff The Magic Dragon has become one of those familiar tunes that could [...]

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Hawai'i (The Big Island) is pretty hip in the 'ukulele department. We have the Waikoloa 'Ukulele fest, Hilo Guitars, The Holualoa 'Ukulele Gallery, The 'Ukulele Guild, plus jam sessions coming out our ears. But for me, even more exciting are [...]

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Hendrix on any instrument is pushing it. Hendrix on the 'ukulele is really pushing it. But if there is one of his songs that is more forgiving than others in the "intensity" department, this would be a top pick. Proceed [...]

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I thought this was interesting. Three old soprano 'ukuleles: a La Melodia (1917), a Martin 1K (1919) and a Martin 1M (1960) played back to back to back with the same song and same strings. All sound great, but a [...]

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I've had this Bruno Mars tune sitting on my computer forever. It's about time I posted it. The Lazy Song is off of Mars' Doo-Wop & Hooligans record. The track was a big deal for a long time, with lots [...]

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Sometimes you just need to know where you are. Here are 'ukulele fretboard charts showing the notes of the four most common 'ukulele tunings.