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» Song Chords

Every once in a while The Beatles would let Ringo have a moment. Beats me why they were so few and far between because this one from Abby Road is still going. Octopus's Garden is a completely charming tune. Pair [...]

» The Philosophy of Music

Part 4 of Patience and Improving: In which I muse about searching for things that aren't there and making music a journey.

» Song Chords

Reggae doesn't get any better than this! A killer riff, a mellow mood, and a smooth melody. I simply love this song. This tune kind of has a lot of chords and some speedy changes so be sure to brush [...]

» Song Chords

A favorite reggae tune with simple chords in the key of A. A to F#m and D to C#m - just add skank!

» Learning Tips

Lessons are a big commitment, requiring hard work, focus, and clear goals. Here are some tips for making the time with your teacher more productive.

» Tab

A well-known Hawaiian tune presented here in G. This is a great, simple song for the proficient beginner.

» Tab

A mellow tune for your Monday. Here's an easy tab for the singer/songwriter duo's El Condor Pasa, sometimes known as If I Could.

» Video

Two of my favorite 'ukulele players ripping up the stage at the 2013 Cheltenham Ukulele Festival of Great Britain.

» Quick Tips

A new section of tips from my Practicing page about optimizing your days for more productive 'ukulele practice.

» Tab

A transcription of the famous guitar part from the band's first big hit.