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I don't always respond to the tab requests I get. Usually because they aren't nearly as fun, charming, and easy as Laz's from the other day: Hello Brad. Love the jump video. I can do the first 9 notes in the video. The last 2 in that first part are just not sounding right as [...]


I've been out of the Jake loop for a couple years now. Around the time that Live came out I saw several of his shows and was thoroughly blown away like most people. But then starting with Peace, Love, Ukulele it started to seem like he'd found a formula and was riding it as his [...]

Remembering Ernie Cruz Jr.


I learned tonight that the guitarist half of the Ka'au Crater Boys passed earlier in the day. He was found unresponsive in the water off of Sandy beach on O'ahu. In the 'ukulele world Ernie, no doubt, lived in the shadow of Troy Fernandez. By way of the beast Troy tended to outshine the subtle [...]

Update: Intervals & Double-Stops


I just finished up a big overhaul to my lesson on how to play intervals on the 'ukulele. The examples are greatly expanded and clarified and I added a section on rules that apply to getting the best sounding harmony for a melody.


With two hurricanes breathing down our necks here on Hawai'i Island, the time is ripe to post about my new album project! (I'm not sure what that has to do with anything...) For the past couple of weeks I've been fine-tuning my songs and beginning to lay out the framework for recording them. It will [...]