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Tuning Down A Half-Step

The 'ukulele is a highly-pitched little beast. Its range sits above many other instruments. This is beautiful and gives it its signature "happy" sound, but when playing solo can leave you feeling a little naked. It is because of this that I have, within the last year or so, began experimenting with tuning my 'ukulele […] Read More


“Everlong” By Foo Fighters Tutorial

A seriously cool tune from one of my favorite rockbands. Dave Grohl’s straight-ahead style mixed with haunting songwriting makes for a piece that is fun to cover on the ‘ukulele, but will also teach you much if you work to figure it out. Here’s a video tutorial I put together to explain the interesting chord […] Read More


How To Sing And Strum Your ‘Ukulele (At The Same Time!)

A problem that many new players struggle with is the challenge of playing their ‘ukulele and singing at the same time. Dividing your brain in half like this at first seems an insurmountable problem! When you focus on getting the ‘ukulele part right, the singing usually goes off track or you forget the words. When […] Read More

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