» Throwback

Some new content and examples for one of my favorite scale familiarity exercises. Sequencing scales on the 'ukulele takes a plain scale and mutates it through a pattern to create a more musical sound.

» Lesson

So often we get stuck playing something only one way - how everyone else is doing it. This is influenced by the players in your 'ukulele club, on Youtube, and even your own playing. It can [...]

» Song Chords

Everyone loves Bob Marley. Here's one of his hits that is a great piece for beginners and those looking for an intro to the reggae style. One Love/People Get Ready was first released on Bob's [...]

» Review

My take on one of the coolest 'ukuleles I've played in a long time. The BE-DC is a high-quality baritone built for the stage - and rocking it!

» Song Chords

You want to talk about a catchy song? Rude is a catchy song. The simple reggae number is performed by a Canadian band called Magic. The song was released as their debut single. Not a [...]

» Throwback

An updated page containing information about soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, and other odd ukulele sizes.

Undone (The Sweater Song)
» Song Chords, Tab

Tab and Chords for a must-know Weezer tune off of the "Blue Album." Uses an alternate tuning for playability and added interest.