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E komo mai – welcome! I’m Brad Bordessa, ‘ukulele player, performer, and instructor of 11+ years.

Make yourself at home and bookmark this site for future reference. Scroll down to see recent posts, do a search to find something specific, or just browse around; there’s a lot to see.

Switching Chords Faster & Easier


The average ‘ukulele player puts a lot of hard work into learning ‘ukulele chords and how to switch between them. But oftentimes I… Read More

Holiday Gift Guide 2016


Not sure what to get this holiday season for the 'ukulele player in your life? Here are some great things I've run across… Read More

Review: Outdoor Tenor ‘Ukulele


After babying my nice ‘ukuleles for years on errands and beach days, I finally decided to look for an alternative that could permanently… Read More

“Redeemed” By Lou Barlow


Lou was brought to my attention a couple weeks ago and I was thrilled to discover upon a quick search that he's offering… Read More

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