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This week's throwback is an interview from October of 2007. I was just getting to know Chuck and he was just getting started building.

4 Strumming Tips with Brad Bordessa

From hand movement to finger angle to timing, here are some pointers to smooth out your strumming.


Autumn Leaves

'Ukulele tab for a jazz standard.

tobias elof inteview

I talk with Tobias Elof about playing 'ukulele in Denmark, his technique, studies, and plans.


Super Mario Bros.

Ukulelien takes Mario to another 'ukulele level with drums, percussion, Ubass, and melodica!


This throwback takes us back to January 2008 when finding inspiration in the midst of the woodshed blues was clearly on my mind.


An 'ukulele tab for Santana's instrumental masterpiece from his album "Amigos."