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‘Ukulele Chord Shapes
“If you have questions about ukulele chords, Chord Shapes has the answers.” ~ James Hill

About Brad And Live ‘Ukulele.com

aguideAloha! My name is Brad Bordessa and I call Honoka’a, Hawai’i my home. I keep things running around here – writing content, making tabs, and coding the site.

I started Live ‘Ukulele.com with a friend back in 2007 shortly after I began playing. The name reflects my musical journey: living with the instrument. No fanfare, no drama, no cutesy-ness that’s often associated with the ‘ukulele. It’s simple: I want to become a better musician. This site allows me to take you along for the ride so hopefully we can learn together!

Please spread the word about the site if you like what I do here. Tell your ‘ukulele club or use the share toolbar at the top of each page to post your favorite links to Facebook, Reddit, or whatever your social network of choice is. I LOVE free publicity!

Contact me
Feel free to email me with questions, to point out site errors, or just to talk story.
My personal music site: news, videos, and more!

My Projects/Products:

I attempt, in one form or another, to pay my bills with music and this website. Anytime you purchase one of my ‘ukulele goodies below you help support my ability to continue to provide free content for everybody. Mahalo nui loa!

‘Ukulele Chord Shapes eBook

UCSAs a new ‘ukulele player, I was never happy with the answers provided in standard chord books. It always seemed like there was something missing. Turns out there were lots of things that didn’t get the attention they deserved. So I wrote an eBook that addresses as many of those knowledge gaps as possible.

I won’t claim it has everything, but if you find a more thorough guide on ‘ukulele chords, I’ll send you your money back. Learn more>>>

Point A

Album-Cover-frontAt the start of 2014 I recorded, mixed, and produced an EP of original ‘ukulele instrumentals called Point A. The five songs range from folk rock to soft ballads and everywhere in between. It’s available on iTunes and Amazon MP3 as a digital download, and also in physical copy from Mele.com and Big Island Grown in Honoka’a, Hawai’i.

My Gear:

I play a Moore Bettah custom tenor made by Chuck Moore and strung with Worth CH strings (Savarez Alliance KF95 low-G). You might also see me toting a Kamaka HF-3 tenor or my recent fun acquisitions, a Romero Creations Tiny Tenor and a Pono BE-DC solidbody baritone.

Technical Stuff:

Comment Policy:
When you leave a comment on this site, it goes online for the world to see. You will be asked to share your user name (which will be displayed), your email (which will not be displayed), and if you like, your homepage URL. Use common courtesy when writing your comment. Any comments that the admin feels are offensive or spam-like will be deleted.

Editorial Policy:
The word “ukulele” is pronounced differently by different people in different places. I say it oo-koo-le-le which is the Hawaiian pronunciation. I try to stay true to the Hawaiian roots of the ukulele, so I always think “oo-koo-le-le” in my head when I’m writing. This leads to discussion about “a vs. an”. I write with an “an” in front of ukulele just because that is grammatically correct when pronouncing it oo-koo-le-le. This will sound weird to all of the people pronounce ukulele “yoo-ka-lay-lee”. In that case the grammar goes by the wayside and “a ukulele” sounds right. I apologize if “an ‘ukulele” is awkward to read for some, but it is what I know and that is how it will be on this site. Auntie Anuhea’s explanation is best on the correct spelling of ukulele.

Affiliate Programs:
Live ‘Ukulele is a participant in affiliate programs with the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and The Ukulele Way. Clicking on an affiliate link doesn’t cost the user anything, but earns me a small commission should they buy anything through the link.