Ukulele Chord Shapes

‘Ukulele Chord Shapes

Whether you are a beginning player looking for your first guide to understanding the fretboard or a seasoned pro in need of a complete reference to complex harmonies, ‘Ukulele Chord Shapes is your one-stop resource.

With in-depth and easy-to-understand explanations of chord theory and applications, this method can expand your chord vocabulary twelvefold.

55 Pages available in print or PDF eBook.

“If you have questions about ukulele chords, ‘Ukulele Chord Shapes has the answers.”
James Hill, creator of The Ukulele Way
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So You Want To Buy A Uke…

Buying an ‘ukulele is a serious task, but shouldn’t be difficult due to lack of information. That’s why I wrote So You Want To Buy A Uke… It includes everything I know about ‘ukuleles, what sets each apart, and even draws from the knowledge of some pros.

39 Pages.