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Jam at the Hawaiian Style Grill

Yesterday I went down to Sacramento (in California). Herb Ohta Jr. is in town to teach workshops, and although the private lessons he was doing in Sac filled up, Auntie Susie Kagami of Hawaii Music Live managed to squeeze me into the their schedule. So, last night I had a great lesson with Uncle Herb. It was a big boost for me because I haven’t had anyone to play with, learn from, or talk to about music lately. He taught me about arranging songs in my own way to give myself my own voice, slash chords (D/G), improvising, and technique.

After the lesson we all went out to dinner at the Hawaiian Style Grill. Ho! That teri beef was good! I haven’t had any good Hawaiian food since we moved back to the mainland. Coincidentally, Kanaka916 and the gang were there doing their Friday night kanikapila. It was nice meeting Kanaka916 (moderator for the Ukulele Underground forum), I run into him on the board a lot, and now I know who he is. I jammed with them after eating and had a great time. What a bunch of nice people.

While we were at the grill, one of the owners asked Uncle Herb if he wanted to sign the surfboard on the wall – “Sure, you got a ladder?”.

Herb and the gang

~Hippie Guy

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