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‘Ukulele Chord Shapes
“If you have questions about ukulele chords, Chord Shapes has the answers.” ~ James Hill

June: In Review

One more month down… Time just keeps on a-tickin’. June was a crazy month for me as I dove headfirst into moving and helping out with admin duties on the newly released The Ukulele Way.

Here are some of the posts that came through the pipes this month:

Main articles/lessons:

Tabs/Song Sheets:

Throwback Thursday:

Now that Live ‘Ukulele is back on the hunt, we moved from 18th to 12th on the Top 50 Ukulele Sites. Woot! Onwards and upwards.


Meet The Author:

Brad Bordessa

Brad plays 'ukulele on the Big Island of Hawai'i. He writes original music, performs, and hunts unicorns - all with only an 'ukulele.

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