Support James’ New Album

To me, James Hill is the most exciting guy in ‘ukulele. Not because of the crazy hip-hop stuff he plays with chopsticks or his killer version of Billie Jean, but because of his original music. He dabbles a little here and does a great album, dabbles a little there and does a great album. Each record evolves to have a slightly different theme, always with that big stamp of signature James.

James’s upcoming album is looking to be his deepest project yet. He’s hired a producer this go around and is recording at the “New Scotland Yard” to 2″ tape. In order to fund recording an album like this he’s looking for some help securing advance monetary contributions. On his website there are five different levels of support packages you can put your money behind. Each price point adds goodies to the last, building a stockpile of cool rewards that range from an early-release, autographed copy of the album to an exclusive copy of the rough demos and a personal thank you video (he’ll even play you a song!).

So support original music and go pre-order yourself a copy of the new album (or more)!


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