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Hear… – Brittni Paiva

Brad Bordessa’s take:

It’s awesome to Hear… Brittni play, but it’s even better to watch her play (so go to her next concert!). Hear… is full of Slack Key Guitar and ‘ukulele instrumentals that showcase Brittni’s skills well. A nice mellow sound on songs like Come Back to Sorrento makes for awesome background music. The only improvements would be a few more original compositions and more ‘ukulele.

Favorite songs:

  • Inspiration
  • ‘Ukulele Boogie
  • Lahaina Luna

Slack Key Kid’s take:

Hear… is a worthy follow-up to Brittni’s debut album “Brittni x 3”. Her ukulele playing is excellent, and on the whole, this cd makes for easy and enjoyable listening. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this talented musician.

Favorite Songs:

  • Take Five
  • You’re Still the One
  • Lahaina Luna