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‘Ukulele Song Sheets

Here you will find the lyrics and chords for ‘ukulele songs from your favorite Hawaiian or mainstream artists. These sheets focus on the words, harmony, and basic song structure as opposed to tabs (which can be found on the ‘Ukulele Tabs page).

There are two sections of original and linked ‘ukulele song sheets. The first features tunes that you might hear in the islands – Hawaiian, Jawaiian, and Contemporary genres. The second has a few mainstream songs in the pop and rock genres. The reason I haven’t made more sheets for these popular songs is that they are widely available on many other sites (see below the mainstream songs for links).

Three basic chords
3-6 medium chords
Many and/or difficult chords


Jack Johnson
One Groove/Brother Noland
Peter Moon Band/Koa’uka
Paula Fuga and Jack Johnson
Kolohe Kai
David Chung
Manoa DNA
Alice Namakelua
One Groove
Sam Li’a
3 Plus
John Cruz
Ellen Prendergast
The Sunday Manoa
Rev. Dennis Kamakahi
“Konabob” Stoffer
Justin Young
Irmgard Farden
Natural Vibrations
Donald Kaulia
Keoki Kahumoku
Kolohe Kai
Common Kings


John Mayer
The Mamas And The Papas
The Beatles
Jack Johnson
Nat King Cole
Jack Johnson

There are so many mainstream songs out there that it would be impossible to put a dent in posting all of them, so here are some good places to look for chords to your favorite mainstream songs (the chords for guitar are the same as for ‘ukulele).

Confused with the chords for a song? Try taking a look at the ukulele chord charts or How to Make Songs Easier page.

Here are my favorite beginner songs: Easy Beginner ‘Ukulele Songs.

‘Ukulele Songbooks:

He Mele Aloha:

Hands down, the best Hawaiian songbook is He Mele Aloha . It’s very well presented – clear font, different colored chord names, chord diagrams, and a ton of great songs.

Jumpin’ Jim’s Songbooks:

Jim Beloff, also known as “Jumpin’ Jim” has probably created the biggest selection of ‘ukulele song books. From 60′s to Christmas to country to Hawaiian (more like hapa-haole), these books are paperback and have the words, chords, and melody (music staff) for each song.

If you want something a little less cheesy than “Jumpin’ Jim’s ‘Ukulele Beach Party“, his ‘Ukulele Masters series is great. Titles include arrangements by Ohta-SanJohn King, and Lyle Ritz. These books are geared towards more advanced players and include jazz chords and melody plus a CD so you can hear the artist play the song.

Heeday Kimura’s Songbooks:

If you can hang in there with Heeday’s unique way of notating songs, these books hold a lot of knowledge. Mostly in a “pick and strum” style there are more Hawaiian songs presented in these books than most. When I first got one of these books it was spiral bound, but recently it looks as if Mel Bay has republished them in paperback.

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