The Best ‘Ukulele Sites

Unfortunately there are too few, but here are what I think are some of the best ‘ukulele tab and/or lesson sites. They are full of content and aloha, and are not trying to sell you something – just good honest content.

Dominator ‘Ukulele Tabs – Dominator has been on the ‘ukulele web site scene since I showed up. His site is full of many great tabs. Most are in Powertab and PDF format.

Easy ‘Ukulele – Lessons, links, and videos that can help you learn to play the ‘ukulele

Muffin ‘Ukulele Tablature – Big collection of tabs for older songs in PDF and Powertab format.

Traditional Music Library – This site is not really ‘ukulele related, but very informative none the less. Lessons, songs, tabs, links, for voice, banjo, mandolin, guitar, and ‘ukulele. This site never fails to amaze me, there is a lot of info here.

** Decommissioned** Tropical Storm Hawaii – Tabs and songs for many Hawaiian songs. Beware though, the quality here can sometimes be lacking, although they do seem to try and keep on top of it. Just use your ear to tell if it’s right or not. Always a good place to start looking.

‘Ukulele Review – Julie has been reviewing ‘ukulele related products for a while now and has some good info about ‘ukuleles, tuners, stands, and more.

‘Ukulele Underground – The home of my favorite ‘ukulele forum, Aldrine and friends also offer video lessons and some ‘ukulele reviews.

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