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The Coolest Vamp Ever

I learned this lick from Uncle Sonny at the Kahumoku Camp. There is a three note chromatic lead in to A7. In the third measure is the connector lick that runs into the next vamp of your choice (I put a simple one in to give you an idea). Keep in mind that you can move this to any key. The first note in the 3rd measure is the root. Another thing to keep in mind is that you might not have a two vamp turnaround to work with. If that’s the case, just use the first two measures and end on G.

>           A7      D7        G                  A7    D7        G
A |-------|-------2---------|----------2-5-4-3-|-2-------------|---
E |-------|-----3-------2-5-|-3------3---------|---3---------2-|-3-
C |-4-3-2-|-1-4-------2-----|------2-----------|-----2-----2---|---
G |-------|---------5-------|----4-------------|-------4/5-----|---

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Brad Bordessa

Brad plays 'ukulele on the Big Island of Hawai'i. He writes original music, performs, and hunts unicorns - all with only an 'ukulele.

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