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Ukulele Makes CNN’s The Next List

We all know that ‘ukulele music is da bomb, but it’s pretty cool to see mainstream media like CNN picking up on the craze. Apparently there’s an underground ‘ukulele scene in New York City. And it’s literally underground. Situated beneath Maui Taco, the ‘Ukulele Hut hosts a monthly showcase night, bringing in a variety of acts and plenty of fans – and CNN’s The Next List. Click through for a short video to get a taste of what’s hot on the ‘ukulele in NYC.

This isn’t the first time the ‘ukulele has been featured on The Next List. Back in January they introduced their viewers to Hawaii’s own Jake Shimabukuro.

Meet The Author:

Brad Bordessa

Brad plays 'ukulele on the Big Island of Hawai'i. He writes original music, performs, and hunts unicorns - all with only an 'ukulele.

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