10 Things to Keep in Your ‘Ukulele Case

My ‘ukulele case is my tote bag. If I’m taking my ‘ukulele with me somewhere, my case will hold items ranging from a drivers licence to money to car keys to lesson sheets. Oh yeah, and my ‘ukulele. That’s important.

Here are some of the handy things I keep in my case most of the time to be prepared for most music situations.

  • ‘Ukulele – This is the main reason my case leaves the house. I’m always sure to double check and confirm my ‘ukulele is safely stowed away. It would be a huge bummer to drive halfway around the island and find out that I left my instrument at home.
  • A Tuner – Staying in tune is important and you can’t expect the musicians around you to drop what they are doing to help you tune. The clip on type is my favorite because even if you can’t hear the note because of background noise, you can still tune.
  • An Extra Pack of Strings – In case you or someone else breaks a string.
  • Pen/Pencil – It blows my mind how often I end up using the pen in my case. Great for making notes on song sheets and 100 other things.
  • Nail File – If you end up breaking or chipping a nail while you are out somewhere, it’s a good idea to try and salvage the situation as best as you can. Having a nail file in your case might just allow you to save part of the nail instead of sacrificing the whole thing.
  • Earplugs – Very important if you show up to a gig or jam and the stage volume ends up being loud. Get some that are made specifically for musicians like the ones by Etymotic Research. The yellow construction ones are useless – you can’t hear any of what you’re playing when you’re in a band.
  • Thumbpick – In case you break your thumbnail all the way off and you still need a sharp attack.
  • Money – You never know…
  • Polish Cloth – If you happen to like keeping your instrument super clean, keep one of these around and wipe your ‘ukulele off after every use.
  • Extra Paper – This gets used almost as much as the pen.
  • (Pickup Charger/Batteries)< /strong>– For a MISI pickup there is a special charger that plugs into the wall and then into the ‘ukulele to keep the preamp capacitor fresh. Supposedly you can get by with a 9 volt battery and a TRS stereo cable, but I’d rather not find out.
  • Update: #11 – Humidifier – For those people living in dryer regions, a humidifier will keep your ‘ukulele from drying out and cracking or warping.

Meet The Author:

Brad Bordessa

Brad plays 'ukulele on the Big Island of Hawai'i. He writes original music, performs, and runs this site from a little cabin in the jungle.

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  • Dave Jul 2, 2011, 12:51 pm

    #11 for folks who live in areas without the benefit of perfect Hawaiian weather: a case humidifier.

    It’s important enough that the folks at Koaloha have an exception to there “Better than the weather” warranty for wood problems brought on by letting your ‘uke dry out. If you have this sort of problem, they want to see a reciept to prove you bought a humidfier at the same time you bought the ‘uke…

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