1234 Warmup Exercise (Video)

It goes without saying that we learn a lot of things over the years. More things than we can remember it seems, because when you look back for the source of your knowledge it has sometimes disappeared. This is unfortunate because the reason a lesson is learned is often of interest down the road once you have internalized the knowledge. That’s part of why I love teaching so much. With every student I get see a reflection of myself in their progress and think “at one point I LEARNED this.” That’s a pretty amazing realization.

This is a rare time I do remember the source. Brittni Paiva showed me this warmup at an ‘ukulele camp when I asked her how to develop speed in my playing. I remember feeling a little disappointed at the simplicity of her answer. I was still naive enough to think there was some sort of a “silver bullet” answer to anything ‘ukulele-related. A 1st fret, 2nd fret, 3rd fret, 4th fret exercise seemed like it couldn’t possibly be the key. And by itself it isn’t. But if you approach everything you play like you do for this butt-simple sequence of notes you’ll have a great structure to base your improvement around.

Here is how to play the warmup and some ideas/tips for improving your playing technique using some simple observation and practice.

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