21 Guns by Green Day – ‘Ukulele Tab

Punk and ‘ukulele have always been a bizarre, but seemingly attractive combination. The uke is a perfect “anti” so lots of people get a kick out of playing bad punk on the tiny instrument.

I took a little bit different tack when I was a teenager and put together an instrumental solo arrangement of the melodically lovely 21 Guns by Green Day. There was a lot to work with and it was fairly straightforward to figure out. I recorded a rough video in my bedroom and it’s always been one of my most viewed.

Now everybody asks for a tutorial. So far I haven’t felt like that would be the best use of anybody’s time. But I did make a tab for those who really think it’s worth learning.

It’s pretty straightforward. I didn’t include any kind of┬árhythm chords in the tab, just the melody. But pair that with the concepts found in the page I wrote on solo arranging and you can piece it together. If you think I’m stingy for not giving away all the secrets in a note-for-note tab, you might want to read why I feel the way I do.

21 Guns ‘Ukulele Tab

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