A Trip to ‘Ukulele Source

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go down to San Jose and visit ‘Ukulele Source. ‘Ukulele Source is a relatively new store that carries Koaloha, ‘Ohana, and Kanile‘a ‘ukuleles plus accessories. It was very nice to see my friends Smiley and Janet Kai. The ‘Ukulele Source is located in a very nice part of town. The store is small, but laid out perfectly so it doesn’t feel tight. One wall is dedicated to more expensive ‘ukuleles and another to beginner instruments. Mixed in are accessories like CDs, books, straps, stationery, and more.

In between talking to Smiley and Janet I tried out some ‘ukuleles. First was a new Koaloha Sceptre Tenor. The crazy shape intrigued me when I saw it online; with a chance to try it out in person I was really surprised how comfortable it was to play. Your arm rests right in between two of the points. It sounded like a Koaloha, bright and very sure of itself.

The second Koaloha I tried was the Pineapple Sunday. This ‘ukulele has a tenor neck on a pineapple shaped body. A unique feature is the “pineapple soundboard”. The sound board has a diamond pattern cut in it to replicate the look of a pineapple further. I liked this model more than the Sceptre.

The last instruments I tried were the Koaloha D-VI, Kanile’a tenor with gloss finish, and Kanile’a tenor with a flat finish. The Kanile’a ukes really surprised me. Not so much in the different sounds the finishes produce but the weight difference.

If you’re in the area take a look around ‘Ukulele Source (and tell Smiley and Janet I said “hi”).

‘Ukulele Source
599 N. 5th St.
San Jose, CA 95112

Interview with Smiley Kai