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ʻUkulele Boogie is a very catchy song that Brittni Paiva performs quite a bit. It is off of her Hear… album. The song is in C, but Brittni uses a minor pentatonic scale throughout (hence the Bb and Eb). Watch out for the crazy run over E7, beyond that, it’s pretty straightforward, just work on… Read more

Samba Pa Ti from Santana’s Abraxas album and is a seriously fine specimen of instrumental composing. I tabbed all of the main melody parts but left the solo at the end alone. To get the feel right you’d have to figure it out yourself and put in the time. It’s a pretty straightforward song. The… Read more

Perfecting your strumming and chording techniques require a sandbox of fun, easy music. Which is why three or four chord easy ʻukulele songs totally rock! Jump to: Easy rock/pop songs Easy island jams Easy reggae songs Easy traditional songs Easy Hawaiian songs Lots of people like to make lists and link to songs that are… Read more

ukulele breeze cover herb ohta jr

I’ve been very lucky to have the support of Herb Ohta Jr. over the years. He’s been one of my biggest inspirations and mentors in the world of ʻukulele. Along the way he’s sent me a couple tabs to include here on the site. This one is called Memories of You from his ʻUkulele Breeze… Read more

ukulele journey

It’s not often that you get personal artist approval for an ʻukulele tab. Herb Ohta Jr. is awesome like that though. He took a look over my tab for his song and gave it the go-ahead. The song, Together, is off of his album ʻUkulele Journey. A low-G string is needed to reach some of… Read more