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A mellow tune for your Monday. Here’s an easy tab for the singer/songwriter duo’s El Condor Pasa, sometimes known as If I Could.

I’ve been getting into playing more jazz and Bossa Nova lately. It’s a great challenge, my students like it, and there is a weekly jam in town I’ve been sitting in on that plays the style. One of the many great tunes that has come to my attention is Luiz Bonfa’s Bossa Nova classic, Manha… Read more

Here’s a classic  Ľukulele chalangalanger. Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue, also known as Has Anybody Seen My Gal? is a prime example of cycling 7th chords and that old swing/tin-pan alley sound that it creates. So get out your banjo ukes and sing along! The arrangement is pretty simple – you can add to… Read more