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The ‘ukulele is a highly-pitched little beast. But what if you tune your uke a half-step down to F# B D# G#? It can yield you a thicker, warmer tone. The half-step lower tuning also lightens the tension of the strings. For the past year or two I’ve been using this trick on my main… Read more

Ever since my late great uncle told me (multiple times) at a family event that the Tennessee Waltz was his favorite song, I’ve felt a fondness for this tune. I first discovered Sam Cooke’s version and rocked to that for years – even though it’s very far removed from a “waltz” feel. Just recently one… Read more

(At Your ‘Ukulele Jam) So often we get stuck playing something only one way – how everyone else is doing it. This is influenced by the players in your ‘ukulele club, on Youtube, and even your own playing. It can be a lonesome road, but finding ways to deviate from the path most traveled will instantly… Read more

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