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Hawaii Island Ukulele Retreat

Mid-October is always a fun time for me. For the past five years I’ve been participating in the Hawai’i Island ‘Ukulele Retreat. It’s a week-long getaway for students (and instructors) packed with ongoing classes, one-off workshops, band practices, concerts, and an epic beach BBQ/jam. Like the previous two years before this one, the HIUR was… Read more

I spent my summer overseas and missed an important month in time: July 2017. While July is not my favorite month by a long shot, and certainly this year would have been much less exciting if I had stayed home to celebrate, it marks 10 years that Live ‘Ukulele has been on the web. Sometime… Read more

As much as I hate the whole “cute” ‘ukulele stigma, I get a kick out of sensational stuff that’s meant to be borderline offensive to some people. Not everyone walks the walk when they say, “It’s all good, bro! We’re all ‘ukulele family, man!” and proceed to get quite bothered when something non-traditional pops up… Read more

As the frets started to wear on my Kamaka, I began looking ahead to the future where a new ‘ukulele would quickly become a necessity. I didn’t want to upgrade. Truth be told, I thought (and still think) my Kamaka is one of the finest-sounding ‘ukuleles I’ve heard. I wasn’t excited about giving that up… Read more

Sorry, folks. Got a DCMA copyright notice for this one. Had to take it down. Check out the rest of my tabs instead. Aerosmith is definitely one of those bands that gets unfairly neglected on my iPod. Their feel is really different compared to most rock of their era. For whatever reason this makes some… Read more

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