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Now that I’ve had a couple days to decompress from my week-long stay at Kalani, I thought maybe I’d highlight some things that I learned as one of the resident instructors at The Hawai’i Island ‘Ukulele Retreat. The days were packed with learning and the nights hosted some fun jams. Takeaways and Observations: Mother Earth is always the… Read more

I don’t know of too many traditional tunes that fall into the category of “hit song” within memory. But it seems that Peter, Paul, and Mary’s ditty, Puff The Magic Dragon has become one of those familiar tunes that could be right out of Mother Goose. A student requested this song and it was a… Read more

A mellow tune for your Monday. Here’s an easy tab for the singer/songwriter duo’s El Condor Pasa, sometimes known as If I Could.

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