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I’ve put off writing reviews of my own ‘ukuleles for a decade now. Part of me just felt weird about putting that opinion on the site. It would be like writing a public review for a spouse. You can have an opinion, but it doesn’t really matter because for all the quirks and imperfections you… Read more

If there’s an Ohta-San classic that should be part of every ‘ukulele player’s repertoire, it has to be Body Surfing. The simple piece is a perfect example of everything an ‘ukulele instrumental should be: great chords, a catchy melody line, and a ripping solo. There’s something for everyone here. Like most people who jam this… Read more

One of Hawai’i’s premier ‘ukulele legends left us on Saturday. Eddie Kamae was a huge influence on Hawaiian music with his work as a solo artist and also in the Sons Of Hawai’i. He composed many beautiful Hawaiian tunes including E Ku’u Morning Dew which is part of the standard ‘ukulele repertoire here in the… Read more

I’ve been trying not to bombard you guys with a bunch of recording log videos on the front page here, but no doubt my Youtube subscribers have been seeing them come through. In these videos, I basically narrate my steps and techniques for recording my upcoming album project. It’s been a great way for me… Read more

I was really tickled when Andrew Kitakis made an order for a stack of my new book, ‘Ukulele Chord Shapes. He’s a mover and shaker in the business and has always supported what I do here on Live ‘ For those who don’t know, Andrew owns and runs Hawai’i Music Supply – also known online… Read more

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