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Here is a simple arrangement of the theme song from the beginning of M*A*S*H, the TV show that aired from 1972-1983. It sounds best if you play the first two measures with a low-G string. M*A*S*H Tab ~Hippie Guy… Read more

Merry Christmas! Here is a simple arrangement of the beautiful song Ho’onani I Ka Makua Mau. I created it using a piece of sheet music that I received from Aunty Darci for choir class at the Kahumoku ‘Ohana workshop. Tune ‘ukulele: low-GCEA Ho’onani I Ka Makua Mau tab The sheet shows mostly four note chords… Read more

ukulele journey

It’s not often that you get personal artist approval for an ‘ukulele tab. Herb Ohta Jr. is awesome like that though. He took a look over my tab for his song and gave it the go-ahead. The song, Together, is off of his album ‘Ukulele Journey. A low-G string is needed to reach some of… Read more

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