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“Pahala We Go” is the first track off of Herb Ohta Jr. and Daniel Ho’s new ╩╗ukulele instrumental album 2 to Three Feet. This tab mainly focuses on Herb’s part of the song because Daniel plays his Koaloha D-VI and therefore plays some notes unavailable to 4-string players. I tabbed optional/second-time-around notes in parenthesis to… Read more

ukulele breeze cover herb ohta jr

I’ve been very lucky to have the support of Herb Ohta Jr. over the years. He’s been one of my biggest inspirations and mentors in the world of ╩╗ukulele. Along the way he’s sent me a couple tabs to include here on the site. This one is called Memories of You from his ‘Ukulele Breeze… Read more

ukulele journey

A few years ago, Herb Ohta Jr. was kind enough to share a tab he had made for his song, “Sand Castles,” with me. Even more exciting, he also gave me permission to post it on the site. Sand Castles is one of my favorite tunes from his album ‘Ukulele Journey. It has a strong… Read more

ukulele journey

It’s not often that you get personal artist approval for an ╩╗ukulele tab. Herb Ohta Jr. is awesome like that though. He took a look over my tab for his song and gave it the go-ahead. The song, Together, is off of his album ‘Ukulele Journey. A low-G string is needed to reach some of… Read more