Right Hand Technique for ‘Ukulele

A detailed guide to picking and strumming approaches

For players of all levels.

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Technique is what allows you to produce music on your ‘ukulele. How you hold it, touch it, pluck it, strum it – all the physical motions that happen when you sound a note.

Your technique is probably fine if you’re a pro who’s been able to study with great teachers.

But most people don’t have that opportunity. Instead they learn in a way that often skips around. They have a couple lesson with a teacher who shows them some chords, watch a Youtube to learn how to pick, read a book that shows some chord progressions, then they Google their favorite song…

Sound familiar?

This isn’t always a bad approach. But because these learning styles jump right to the end goal – making music – proper ‘ukulele technique is rarely taught. So your body struggles to make the correct playing motions and you develop bad habits.

Playing with bad technique isn’t the end of the world, but it’s physically EASIER to play with correct technique. It allows you to play faster, better, and longer.

Introducing Right Hand Technique For ‘Ukulele

Right Hand Technique For ‘Ukulele 17-Page Preview