Santana and the Wine County ‘Ukulele Festival

No, Santana was not at the Wine County ‘Ukulele Festival, but I did get to see him perform the day before the festival in Reno. Awesome stuff.  The Salvador Santana (Carlos’ son) Band (SSB) opened. They were pretty good, but their sound was really muddy, although most of that was the sound guy’s fault. The […] Read more

Kahumoku ‘Ohana Workshop March 16-21

Well, I just got back from the Kahumoku ‘Ohana Hawaiian Music and Lifestyle Workshop. It was great fun, playing music all day and eating. Kimo Hussey is incredible, he is like a music Jedi. I can’t believe I never knew about him before. The way he teaches is very different; he taught me how to […] Read more

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