5 Songs, 5 Things To Practice

Think a song is just a song? Think again! Every tune you play can be used to drill important skills. Here are some ideas.

5 Basic Tips To Sound More Hip

(At Your ‘Ukulele Jam) So often we get stuck playing something only one way – how everyone else is doing it. This is influenced by the players in your ‘ukulele club, on Youtube, and even your own playing. It can be a lonesome road, but finding ways to deviate from the path most traveled will instantly […] Read More

The Difference Between Progressions And Vamps

KimoB sent me an email a few days ago asking: Could you please explain the difference between progressions and vamps: when, where and how they are used.  Also, when using a vamp to go from one chord to another, either up or down, what are the Roman numeral sequences (I-VII) that are commonly used. Okay, […] Read More

‘Ukulele Chord Relations

Here are some cool changes that can turn one type of chord into another just by moving one note in the first shape up or down. Change any augmented triad into a minor triad by raising any note. (x332 to x432, x332 to x342, etc…) Change any augmented triad into a major triad by lowering […] Read More

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