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Top Beginner Tips (Via Easy Ukulele Songs)

A while back I was approached by Eduardo Uke, of the website Easy Ukulele Songs, who asked if I would contribute my #1 beginner tip to a roundup he was working on. I was flattered that he asked and sent him off my answer. Didn’t think much more of it until I got a recent […] Read more

The Ukulele Way Debuts!

James Hill’s new online lesson program featuring video, audio, and sheet music teaching the skills of playing solo arrangements on your ‘ukulele.

Thoughts on Practicing

A comprehensive article by drab-looking oboe player Martin Schuring (pictured) on the art of practicing. What to work on, for how long, and much more.

The Jumping Flea Website

I feel a bit bad about not finding this site before (it’s so good!). Sometimes they just sneak through the cracks… Ian Chadwick’s “The Jumping Flea” is full of detailed articles on various aspects of the ‘ukulele – mostly technical stuff like tonewoods, picks, strings, pickups, acoustics, and more. Click through to a page and […] Read more

The ‘Ukulele Helper

A lot of chord finding sites have popped up recently, but they all seem to revolve around the same simple concepts. I was just informed of a chord finder that blows the rest out of the water. The ‘Ukulele Helper is a chord and scale finder in an interactive format that has tons of features. […] Read more

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