I spent my summer overseas and missed an important month in time: July 2017. While July is not my favorite month by a long shot, and certainly this year would have been much less exciting if I had stayed home to celebrate, it marks 10 years that Live ‘Ukulele has [...]

I spent six months at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 deep in the recording and production trenches making my second album called If Only. It’s an LP of all original songs in a sort-of folk-rock style. Everything except for a few guest tracks, mastering, and the artwork [...]

I’ve been trying not to bombard you guys with a bunch of recording log videos on the front page here, but no doubt my Youtube subscribers have been seeing them come through. In these videos, I basically narrate my steps and techniques for recording my upcoming album project. It’s been [...]

The Ukulele Site Now Carries UCS!

I was really tickled when Andrew Kitakis made an order for a stack of my new book, ‘Ukulele Chord Shapes. He’s a mover and shaker in the business and has always supported what I do here on Live ‘ For those who don’t know, Andrew owns and runs Hawai’i Music [...]

Ukulele Chord Shapes

After many months of work reformatting, editing, proofing, and re-proofing, ‘Ukulele Chord Shapes is now available as a physical book through! The eBook version of ‘Ukulele Chord Shapes has been very well-received over the years and will remain available, but the number one remark I got from users was [...]

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