Mele Kalikimaka Ukulele Tab

Mele Kalikimaka ‘Ukulele Tab

I’m not a big fan of Christmas music, but out of all the sappy, December 25th tunes you can play on your ‘ukulele, Mele Kalikimaka is my favorite. I grew up listening to Jimmy Buffett singing this song on his album, Christmas Island, but everyone will have their own favorite rendition. Santa only knows, this […] Read More

Dream On By Aerosmith (Intro Tab)

Aerosmith is definitely one of those bands that gets unfairly neglected on my iPod. Their feel is really different compared to most rock of their era. For whatever reason this makes some of their songs fall very nicely on ‘ukulele. Here’s a fun one I just pulled out of my lesson archives – Dream On. […] Read More

Body Surfing By Ohta-San – Tab

If there’s an Ohta-San classic that should be part of every ‘ukulele player’s repertoire, it has to be Body Surfing. The simple piece is a perfect example of everything an ‘ukulele instrumental should be: great chords, a catchy melody line, and a ripping solo. There’s something for everyone here. Like most people who jam this […] Read More

Mailbag Request: “Jump” By Van Halen – Intro Tab

I don’t always respond to the tab requests I get. Usually because they aren’t nearly as fun, charming, and easy as Laz’s from the other day: Hello Brad. Love the jump video. I can do the first 9 notes in the video. The last 2 in that first part are just not sounding right as […] Read More

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