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The Ukulele Review Podcast #30

I spent the weekend on O’ahu for an old friend’s wedding and, while there, cruised by the Hawai’i Music Supply warehouse. I got to meet some of the setup crew and had some personal assistance from Joel, the head tech, with a troublesome pickup. Great guys doing great work. I’ve known head-boss-man and workaholic-mastermind, Andrew […] Read more

5 Irreverent (In A Good Way) ‘Ukulele Videos

As much as I hate the whole “cute” ‘ukulele stigma, I get a kick out of sensational stuff that’s meant to be borderline offensive to some people. Not everyone walks the walk when they say, “It’s all good, bro! We’re all ‘ukulele family, man!” and proceed to get quite bothered when something non-traditional pops up […] Read more

Recording Log Updates: #2-5

I’ve been trying not to bombard you guys with a bunch of recording log videos on the front page here, but no doubt my Youtube subscribers have been seeing them come through. In these videos, I basically narrate my steps and techniques for recording my upcoming album project. It’s been a great way for me […] Read more

“Redeemed” By Lou Barlow

Lou was brought to my attention a couple weeks ago and I was thrilled to discover upon a quick search that he’s offering something quite different to the ‘ukulele world! Perhaps because he’s a crossover uke player (originally the bassist from Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh) he has a unique spin on music and the possibilities […] Read more

“Blue Haiku” from Jake’s Nashville Sessions

I’ve been out of the Jake loop for a couple years now. Around the time that Live came out I saw several of his shows and was thoroughly blown away like most people. But then starting with Peace, Love, Ukulele it started to seem like he’d found a formula and was riding it as his […] Read more

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