Surfing Sunlight By Brad Bordessa

An original instrumental from yours truly off of my EP, Point A. The ‘ukulele is a very fun-sized Tiny Tenor from Romero Creations. It has the length of a concert with a tenor scale and sounding board size. I wrote this song as a birthday present for a friend while at school on Maui. Definitely one of my favorite […] Read more

Basic ii-V-I Progression in F – Video

Took a moment to shoot a quick video about the most basic of jazz progressions this afternoon. It’s in the key of F, but highly useful in every key – transpose it for practice! […] Read more

Interview with Pepe Romero Jr./James Hill

I met Pepe Romero Jr. – son of the famed classical guitarist – back in 2014 at the Kahumoku ‘Ohana Music and Lifestyle Workshop. He’s a powerhouse luthier who’s grown in fame over the past few years, but remains a seriously cool dude.  The video you see here is a lengthy conversation/interview we had one […] Read more

Video: 12 String Sets Tested Back-to-Back

I was just sitting at my desk wondering what to put on the site before I leave for the week-long Kahumoku ‘Ohana Music and Lifestyle Workshop on Sunday. A quick cruise around Ukulele Underground turned up this gem of a link to a sound sample of 12 string sets on a Kamaka HF-3 put together […] Read more

Send My Regards By Brad Bordessa

Here’s another tune from my opening set at the Peace Day Concert back on September 21. This time it’s an original instrumental piece called Send My Regards. The edges of hurricane Ana are making for a rainy day here in paradise. A good day for just practicing! I’ll be down on the South side of […] Read more

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