Dream On By Aerosmith (Intro Tab)

Sorry, folks. Got a DCMA copyright notice for this one. Had to take it down.

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Aerosmith is definitely one of those bands that gets unfairly neglected on my iPod. Their feel is really different compared to most rock of their era. For whatever reason this makes some of their songs fall very nicely on ‘ukulele.

Here’s a fun one I just pulled out of my lesson archives – Dream On. The big hit from Aerosmith’s debut album, Dream On has to have one of the most iconic intros in rock and roll. Which is good because that’s all you get with this tab!

This guitar part transcribed for ‘ukulele is a great picking exercise for the right hand. To make the rhythm convincing you should play it with an alternative index and middle finger pluck, thumb pattern. This allows you to seamlessly jump back and forth between the strings and get that tick-tock sound.

As for the left hand, weirdness abounds! The chords that Joe Perry plays are straight-up bizarre. It starts out with an Am to Em movement, but then dives off into D9 and G13 land. Play the Am like you would a Gm, then switch to the Em as you normally would. From there, I would keep my ring finger locked on the 4th fret, C-string and move my other fingers around it to get the last two voicings. The crazy Middle Eastern run at the end is a great challenge for any advanced player.

Here’s the tab:

Dream On (Intro tab) by Aerosmith