Europa By Carlos Santana ‘Ukulele Tab

Everybody plays Europa on ‘ukulele so why didn’t I have a version on Live ‘ up until now?

…Well, there’s no excuse really. It is a great song by my favorite guitarist that translates very well to our little four-stringed friend.

There are plenty of solo ‘ukulele arrangements (like this one from Brittni Paiva based on Herb Ohta Jr.’s version).

Instead, this version that I put together follows the vain of what Santana recorded on his 1976 album, Amigos. It’s more straightforward and consists mostly of single note picking.

While it’s much more bare bones to play it by yourself, if you have backup I think it probably allows for a little more feel. The version in the tab is transposed to the key of A minor – the original key is Cm – so don’t bother trying to play along with the recording unless you move up three frets.

I also uploaded an easier version that has less “tra la la” notes and would probably lend itself better to creating a solo arrangement. (There are a couple of “tra la la” notes that require a low G. If you don’t use low-G then you can just skip them.)

Europa by Carlos Santana ‘Ukulele Tab

Europa – Simple Version

Here’s a cool video of Carlos talking about the creation and feel of the song:

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