‘Ukuleles, Gear, and Accessories: Know Your Equipment

Learning songs and cool techniques are a great and necessary part of playing ‘ukulele, but you need to know what’s going on with your gear as well. Your knowledge can be pretty simple if you are only a bedroom strummer, but as soon as you step up behind a mic or plug in, it really helps to know about the gear you are playing through.

There’s lots of information here. Unlike lessons that require practice to implement well, these readings are mainly knowledge (a little practice helps, of course). So go to town and learn as much as you can!

I’ve compiled all of my favorite pieces of gear on one page for easy browsing. Everything there is top-notch stuff that I personally recommend.

Essential Gear and Resources

Amplifying Your ‘Ukulele
The basics of plugging in.

  • Amps & PAs – Terms and what to consider when looking for an amp
  • Effects – Guide to different kinds of effects
  • Pickups – ‘Ukulele pickup terms and description
Apps for iPad
‘Ukulele related programs to help facilitate your ideas and music.
‘Ukulele Buying Guide
The largest page on this site all about ‘ukulele shopping.
What I Look For in an ‘Ukulele
Mr. Byron Yasui’s thoughts on ‘ukulele shopping.
How to use them to change keys while playing familiar shapes.
Cases, humidifiers, polishing, and storing your ‘ukulele.
Changing strings
Step-by-step instructions of how to put new strings on your ‘ukulele.
Essential Gear and Resources
A few of my favorite things.
Fingernail Care
Length, how to file them, and keep them from falling off.
How to Make a Footswitch for Boss or Roland Gear
DIY Boss FS-6 style foot controller. Cheap and easy.
Different ‘ukulele pick types and their uses.
Recording Your ‘Ukulele
Everything you need to lay a song down and capture it in time.
Reviews of ‘Ukuleles, Amps, Pedals, CDs, and Books
My opinionated opinion on what’s worth your time and what’s not.
‘Ukulele Sizes
Soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, plus the oddball shapes!
Info on the three main types of ‘ukulele straps and the Uke Leash.
‘Ukulele Strings
Types, different materials, and brands.
Things To Bring To The Gig
Be prepared for the nightmare show by taking these things along in your gig bag.

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