Fingernail Care For ‘Ukulele Players

Because the ukulele is not an instrument that screams to be played with a pick, and playing with just the flesh of your fingers is kind of dull, a lot of players grow their fingernails out and pick with them. Playing can be quite hard on the fingernails though, and a lot of people have a hard time keeping their nails in good shape. You can improve the quality of your nails by trying some simple things.

  • First of all, drink more water. If your cells are all dried up they can’t do as good a job of making new fingernails.
  • File your fingernails with an emery board. Metal and sapphire/diamond files just eat the edges up leaving you with chips and a nail that will eventually peel off. I highly recommend a file from 95 and Sunny. They are made of glass and never wear out.
  • Just because you grow your fingernails out doesn’t mean that they have to be obnoxiously long. The longer the nail, the more likely you will rip it off. Keep your nails long enough to do their job, but don’t just let them go crazy.
  • I don’t use it, but a lot of people swear that gelatin makes their fingernails stronger.
  • Here is how I file my nails: