“Gently Weeps” by Jake Shimabukuro – Review

gentlyweepsGently Weeps is Jake’s first solo (without a backup band) album and I bought it solely because of the song While my Guitar Gently Weeps.

As far as the title track goes I was disappointed, the version on Walking Down Rainhill was better, in my opinion.

This album has a different sound than the rest of Jake’s CDs. There are more ambient effects added to the mix, and the delays or reverbs sound a bit harsh (but I guess that’s always been kind of how Jake’s sound is).

As far as the songs go, a lot of them are pretty slow. Jake has redone a few of his old songs like: Spain, Wish on my Star, and Let’s Dance.

This is a very different offering than the backing band and distortion, but if you’re looking for an album that is a bit more mellow, Gently Weeps is probably your cup of tea.

Favorite Songs:

  • While my Guitar Gently Weeps
  • Spain
  • Heartbeat/Dragon

By Brad Bordessa

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