How to Play the ‘Ukulele

Most people want to improve their skills on the ‘ukulele, right?

Of course they do.

But most people don’t know what they should be learning.

Fortunately, no matter what level you place yourself at, there’s bound to be something here on Live ‘Ukulele to match your skill and capture your interest.

Follow the links on this page to find your way to the main instructional areas of Live ‘Ukulele.


‘Ukulele Lessons – Over 70 how-to guides for everything from techniques to theory, soloing to solo arrangements.

If the huge number of options on the lesson page feels intimidating, try one of these pointer pages presented by level. Each contains ideas for what to work on and where to find information about learning to play it.


‘Ukulele Chords – A large library of charts that show multiple fingerings and positions for each chord. Also instruction on how to read chord diagrams, construct chord, and how to apply them in musical situations.

‘Ukulele Chord Shapes Book

A seriously comprehensive chord reference book for ‘ukulele.

55 pages. Available in print or as a PDF download.

Find out more about ‘Ukulele Chord Shapes

Random Tidbits:

Other Information – Everything that doesn’t fit anywhere else goes here. A collection of articles on the history of the ‘ukulele, parts, how to pronounce and spell ‘ukulele, tips, and more.


Interviews – Not so much instruction, but insight from professional players and industry gurus on technique, business, along with anything and everything else.