Interviews With ‘Ukulele Players, Builders, & Shop Owners

james hill interviewOver the years I’ve had the privilege to meet and interview many amazing people in the ‘ukulele community. Each have their own valuable set of skills and knowledge that they have shared on these pages.

‘Ukulele Players:

Benny Chong
Playing with Don Ho, crazy jazz chords, and his B2 group.
Brittni Paiva
Favorite performances, heroes, and practicing.
David Kamakahi
Sponsorships, finishing school, and “Shine”.
Gerald Ross
Transitioning to ukulele, practicing, and arranging.
Herb Ohta Jr.
Stealing the show, practicing scales, and his music heroes.

jake shimabukuro interview

Jake Shimabukuro
Style, basics, speed, and the tab book.
James Hill
Who he’d like to play with, his ‘ukulele stable, and not rushing.
Kimo Hussey
His ukulele workshop, playing from the heart, and heroes.
Kris Fuchigami
Practice, Big Island life, performing, and Tupac.
Peter Luongo
His work as the director of the Langley ‘Ukulele Ensemble.
Tobias Elof
Playing ‘ukulele in Denmark, going to university, and “Cheri Picking.”
Victoria Vox
Starting off, “trumpetless trumpet”, and Voxers.

‘Ukulele Luthiers:

Alan Okami of Koaloha Ukuleles
Wood types, ‘ukulele sales, and sponsorships.
Chuck Moore from Moore Bettah Ukuleles
His background, trying new ideas, and living close to the volcano.
Pepe Romero Jr. [VIDEO]
We talk about how the ‘ukulele differs from a guitar and James Hill drops by to demo some ukes.

‘Ukulele Store Owners:

Andrew Kitakis of Hawai’i Music Supply
Starting at Ko’olau, working with talent, and technology.
Smiley Kai at Ukulele Source
The store, buying an ukulele, and mail orders.

‘Ukulele Web Wizards:

Aldrine Guerrero of Ukulele
His background, music heroes, and the future of UU.
How he got into ukulele, creates tabs, and builds ‘ukuleles.
Kainoa of Easy
The website, his custom uke, and making the video lessons.