5 Irreverent (In A Good Way) ‘Ukulele Videos

As much as I hate the whole “cute” ‘ukulele stigma, I get a kick out of sensational stuff that’s meant to be borderline offensive to some people. Not everyone walks the walk when they say, “It’s all good, bro! We’re all ‘ukulele family, man!” and proceed to get quite bothered when something non-traditional pops up in their plane of reality.

So to push those people’s buttons and give the rebels something to think about, here are some fairly radical ‘ukulele videos I’ve run across in the past few whiles I’ve been on Youtube.

Royals – Walk Off The Earth

Musical ukes with wireless units plus great harmonies plus super coordination? Yep.

Cousin Earth Ukulele Solo

This guy HAS to be an ex-guitarist, which is kind of cheating, but the first time I saw this, I watched it all the way through (not a given for me). As stereotypically bad as it is, it’s still a pretty impressive show of skills (and pedals).

When You’re Smiling – James Hill

The day James doesn’t make a list like this is the day he retires. This is the first official chopsticks-driven release of his and it merges hip-hop with his fabulous jazzy singing.

Payback – Rob Scallon

It would have been easy to just pick a bunch of distortion-driven metal ‘ukulele covers for this post, but that’s not interesting. The point is that these are irreverent ‘ukulele moments in a GOOD way. So I limited myself to one distortion-driven metal cover.

Rob is a great guitarist and an even better Youtube phenomenon who also dabbles in ‘ukulele for fun (or to offend people). Either way, this is pretty intense.

Gently Weeps – Jake Shimabukuro

The video that made it okay to be weird with an ‘ukulele. If you haven’t seen Jake’s groundbreaking rendition of Gently Weeps, it’s a must-see.