Jake’s Diminished Run

I had the opportunity to take an ukulele master class from Jake Shimabukuro while he was here on the Big Island in Waimea for the Kahilu Theatre‘s Ukulele and Slack Key Guitar Institute. The class was very small with only two students other than myself and 4 who just sat in the back and watched. Jake had us each play a song and gave advice about our playing, songwriting, etc… After that it was an open question session and we all took turns picking his brain about songs, scales, “how do you do this…?”, and “how do you do that…?”. I learned a lot – Jake is an awesome teacher and a super nice and normal guy.

This is one of the things he showed me. It’s a diminished run that he uses in several of his songs. Equator at 3:21 is what prompted my question, and while Jake didn’t remember exactly what he played there, this got pretty close:

Diminished run

Try and rake the downsweep so it sounds really staccato. The notes in parentheses are optional – they just help run everything together.