Jump by Van Halen – Video Lesson and Intro Tab

Hello Brad. Love the jump video. I can do the first 9 notes in the video. The last 2 in that first part are just not sounding right as if I’m not in the right spots. I’d pay for tabs of your version. Please. Of course my wife says just look it up online and those suck. I say to wife listen (one tab set had it also as an audio sample) and it’s lame. Like I want your version of jump or no deal. I want the Andrew Molina version of sweet child of mine or no deal. I think my wife gets it. So please make this 46 year old man who bought a bigger uke for jump, jump up and down like a kid and send me tabs of your version.

Here you go, Laszlo:

A |—5-7-3-3-3-5-5-7-0-0—----|
E |—7-8-5-5-5-7-7-8-1-1-3-3-|
C |—----------------0-0-4-2-|
G |—----------------0-0-5-5-|