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  1. Ready to go? What are you hoping to get out of these lessons? Leave a response here and I’ll try to guide you to your goal.

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  • Michael Collins Nov 5, 2021

    This course opened up so many new horizons for me. I love it! Thank you Brad!!

  • Opalrainbow Nov 9, 2021

    Thanks Brad. Easy to follow and understand. Thanks for your preparation, presentation and sharing, Robyn

    • Brad Bordessa (Admin) Nov 9, 2021

      You’re welcome, Robyn!

  • Opalrainbow Nov 24, 2021

    Enjoying the process. It’s slow at the moment as I have injured my right arm and shoulder, but nothing keeps me away from from ukuladies (sopranos only here) :) :) :)

  • Joanna Vandenberg Jan 16, 2023

    I enjoyed this course very much and will continue to enjoy it when returning to the material time and time again. Still learning a bit more every time.

  • Becky Banks Mar 25, 2023

    I’m a newbie ukelele player. (4 months) I’ve been a lead singer in bands for years, (Pop-R&B-Country- Rock…wherever the gig lead me!!) but, ashamedly (is that a word?), I never learned to play an instrument! My husband (and best friend) passed away 10 months ago and I’ve been gutted. A friend turned me on to the ukelele. I purchased a used uke and an app to learn how to play it!! I was doing OK…until double-stops!!! The app offers very little in terms of tutorials…just a bouncing ball over a fret-board! I had no idea how to make the shapes that would allow me to perform these two-fingered mysteries. I fluked onto one of Brad’s videos on YouTube and learned more in that session than I’d learned from the entire app…A down to earth, dots-connected teaching style! (No offense Yousician…it was fun while it lasted, but there’s a new kid in town!…and his name’s Brad!) I immediately signed on for this course! By the grace of God, a beautiful little 4-stringed guitar, and some help from Brad…I can see light at the end of a very dark tunnel called grief! Looking forward to the course Sir!! Thanks in advance.

    • Brad Bordessa Mar 26, 2023

      Thank you for sharing your story, Becky! I hope the lessons are everything you need and more. If you get stuck, please reach out and I’ll help how I can.