Lesson 14 – “Ka Moaʻe” – Song Application

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  • Cosie Aiona Sasaki Apr 2, 2021

    Cool! Love the song choice. Thanks for the tabs.

  • Dave Hughes May 2, 2021

    Hi Brad I really enjoyed the course. I wonder, do you any other Hawaiian sheet music similar to these please eg Pupa Au Ewa (excuse the spelling). Happy to purchase!

    • Brad Bordessa (Admin) May 3, 2021

      Aloha Dave, The majority of the TABs I’ve created can be found here: https://liveukulele.com/tabs/. Some contain some 6ths, but most are just straight up transcriptions. The tabs for these two song lessons actually came from the improvisations I play in the video. I played the examples first and then transcribed them afterwards. Because of this they’re very specifically tailored to the subject.

      What you can do yourself to create a starting point is find a Hawaiian song you like, see if you can locate sheet music for it (many Hawaiian songs were notated in the early 1900s and are now in the public domain for free download), and transpose the melody into a nice range for the uke. If you want a TAB to walk away with you could use Musescore or similar to create a notation for yourself. Then, just harmonize it with 6ths, accommodating for the chords when needed. It’s not really that difficult, it just takes lots of patience when you begin since it’s a very slow process at first. I’d be happy to help guide you and constructively critique your progress if you’d like.

      Short answer: Maori Brown Eyes from the link above might be the only other real lead sheet I’ve made for a Hawaiian song. It would be similar to the melody-only versions of Hilo One and Ka Moaʻe you find here.

  • Kate Andersen Jun 3, 2021

    Brad – including a classic Gabby mele just made entire lesson move into an application level of excitement for me – MAHALO

    • Brad Bordessa (Admin) Jun 8, 2021

      Yay! Glad it helps glue the whole thing together.