Lesson 16 – Final Study Tips + Outro

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  • Chris Waite Apr 19, 2021

    Thanks Brad,

    Fantastic course and resources… and thanks for explaining when to use 5ths instead of 6ths.

    Cheers, Chris

    • Brad Bordessa (Admin) Apr 19, 2021

      Mahalo, Chris. The 5ths trick is hard to remember at first! Best of luck implementing it into your playing. Just remember that the chord shapes always guide the way.

  • Richard Lepinsky Apr 23, 2021

    Great course Brad ! You have given me a learning track to run on in developing leads and riffs.

    • Brad Bordessa (Admin) Apr 23, 2021

      So glad you like it, Richard!

  • Daniel Santos May 20, 2021

    Great course, Brad! Looking forward to more courses from you!

    I have a question, will I still be able to access this course now that I have finished it? ( I still need to revisit some concepts here.)

  • Brad Bordessa (Admin) May 20, 2021

    Thanks, Daniel! Glad you made it through the content.

    Yes, you have forever access to the content. Just log into your account and click “My Account” then “6th Sense” and you can see the whole index of the course and navigate to the lesson you want to work on

  • Nikki Dahlin Jun 12, 2021

    Brad, this is one of the best courses I’ve ever taken. You’ve made those beautiful 6th harmonies so accessible. Love all the great resources, and the ability to revisit each class section. What a confidence builder for lead riffs and flourishes! Thanks!

    • Brad Bordessa (Admin) Jun 14, 2021

      This is so nice to hear! Thank you.

  • ingri.g.berg Jun 13, 2021

    Mahalo Brad. This course material is going to be soooo useful! I took a chord melody class – song-Sophisticated Hula. I couldn’t really get it to flow UNTIL I replaced some notes/chords with 6th harmonies-in betweens-walkdowns – it finally began to make more sense to my ears and fingers! Now, to get back to HIlo One- do you have any tips on how to make slides more “sound consistent”? Ingri

    • Brad Bordessa (Admin) Jun 21, 2021

      Aloha Ingri,

      If you can elaborate on your question I might be able to give you a better answer. The trick to slides I’ve found is that it really helps to think about and look at where you’re sliding TO. It often helps land your fingers in the right spot. Otherwise, just try to keep an even pressure on the fretboard and practice, practice, practice!

  • Opalrainbow Dec 2, 2022

    Thanks for sharing and teaching your music techniques. It has been good to revise old lost lessons and theory got this aging mind.

    • Brad Bordessa Dec 2, 2022

      Glad you made it to the end! You can always log back in for a refresher.