Lesson 5 – BONUS LESSON: Switching String Pairs

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  1. Bonus discussion for bonus lesson. Go!

  2. Avatar for Cosie Cosie says:

    These lessons are giving me a better understanding of how to find 6ths for a key. I love the sound of 6ths. I’ve never seen them presented more clearly! I’m encouraged to look for ways to use them now. Mahalo!

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  • Nancy Ikeler Apr 19, 2021

    Such useful information!

  • bob watkins Apr 26, 2021

    This opens a world of possibility. Have been playing with the “trick” some and exploring. Your last observation – that it could be helpful if you wanted to reach a particular position on the fretboard – moves the “trick” to a higher level. Would love to see/hear some specific cases.

    • Brad Bordessa (Admin) Apr 27, 2021

      I’ve been trying to think of some specific examples, Bob. Not much is coming to mind, but I’m going to keep an eye out and if I find any, I’ll report back. It’s tough to locate real-world examples because 6ths are more often used intermittently than everywhere in a song.

  • John Romero Sep 24, 2021

    Wow! I play mostly a low G tenor Uke. Experimenting with using the same 6th ditty’s I made up and switching 6ths from the lower strings to the upper strings. Will help in getting around the fretboard.