Baritone ʻUkulele Chord Shapes

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  2. When I first got this ebook I was not proficient enough with the fretboard to get very far into it before I was completely overwhelmed. However now that I have spent a great deal of time and effort learning the fretboard, and a bit about music theory the concepts in the chord shapes ebook make perfect sense. Rather than learning over 1000 chords by name, most of which you will never use or need, I now understand some of the ‘movable chord shapes’ and knowing where the root of the chord is. Understanding how a chord is constructed and what notes make up a scale or a chord has been so helpful in finding alternate voicings without having to constantly look up every chord. This ebook does take some time to fully appreciate its value. Without this book, I doubt that I would ever be able to figure out the fingering of a Ebmin7 or a 5th position F Major.

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