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  1. Have you been able to ditch traditional strumming patterns in favor of the Groove ʻUkulele ideal - just feeling a rhythm that works on the grid?

  2. Strumming on “The Grid” has totally been a game changer for my ukulele practice.
    No more :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_up::arrow_down::arrow_up: for me. That totally threw off my rhythm trying to find and keep the beat. Now I just listen to the rhythm, find that tempo and stick to it. The only question now is whether I’m hitting or missing the strings. (And the 8-sided dice has been an interesting exercise) Practicing switching between whole note strums, half note strums, quarter note, eighth note and sixteenth notes has been a much better way of staying on “The Grid”. Okay, throw in some triplet strums to mix it up and challenge yourself.

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  • Barry Savage Aug 26, 2023

    Hi Brad,

    After listening to your interview with James Hill I decided to get this course today Aug. 26, 2023. The thing that initially grabbed my interest in this course was the comment that there was really only one strum. I love it because that is the conclusion to which I had come long ago.

    I have quickly skimmed through the ebook and also watched a few of the preliminary videos. I will eventually work my way through the whole course but I wanted to share with you my initial thoughts.

    This appears to me to be an excellent pedagogical approach. The content is well and clearly explained and I think it will be a big benefit to anyone who takes this course.

    We find ourselves in a wonderful time when there are so many great educational resources available for the ukulele as well as so many great teachers such as yourself. Thank you.

  • Mark Troy Aug 27, 2023

    Hey Brad,
    I’m glad you have the chapter on metronome right at the start. Every time I open the ebook I’ll see it and know to practice before moving on.