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  1. I love your presentation style. You mix music/theory/culture/history/art and mash them all together with a healthy dose of practicality. And to make it all fun to watch in the end. Amazing! —Brian

  2. Hey Brian, Thanks so much! I think the most important part is the practicality. It’s where I excel - sometimes to a fault! :wink:

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  • Russell Tollison Feb 20, 2023

    Thanks for teaching the language pronunciation and meaning. I enjoy the true meaning, the story behind the song. I have played music for over 50 years, from guitar, banjo, mandolin and now settled into the ukulele. I’ve become enchanted by the music. I don’t even know the meanings to the words but feel drawn into the music. Mahalo!

    • Brad Bordessa Feb 20, 2023

      It really makes a difference in the performance of the song when you know what you’re singing. I think it’s the missing piece of the puzzle for many folks so I think it’s only right to include it. Hopefully you’ll know the meaning of many words by the end of these lessons!

  • Russell Tollison Feb 20, 2023

    Please do more songs like E O Mai, Ka ‘Ano’i Pua O Uka, Mele ‘Ohana, or Ka Nohona Pili Kai by Keali’i Reichel. These are some kind of love songs or ballads. I have know idea what he’s saying but I can’t stop listening to them. Do you have a facebook page? I have tried other ukulele teachers but none have put that little extra into the music and meaning. Jamming is just that… jamming. You’re on to something great here. Thanks for responding so quickly. I can be found on facebook at Russell TW Tollison.

    • Brad Bordessa Feb 20, 2023

      I’ve certainly been thinking this would be an easy series to expand on if it’s popular. Newer songs are tough because of licensing fees, but there are many more public domain ones I’d love to do.

      I’m not on Facebook. The forum or email is the best way to get in touch with me. I’m super old school.