B1. “Nani Kaʻala” Overview & Melody

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  • Patrice Leguy Mar 18, 2023

    Uke With Smitty did a really good one rendition of your arrangement on YT ! Mahalo for sharing !

  • Ash Brammah Jun 18, 2023


    I taught this in an absolute beginners group yesterday. I was singing it when they walked in. They took a seat and I sang it a load and asked them to join in with the Lae La Lae bit when they noticed which note I was playing. After that we did it call and response. I did the Nani bit and the group answered with the Lae la lae lae. I found that if you add a rest before the Lae bit is also helps the repeat because you can add a strum each time before the melody. (In the Cyril Pahinui recording he does it like this so if you’re concerned with ‘authenticity’ there is providence). Build up from there. Strophic so easily remembered.

    Then moved on to the C chord melody section, repeat then the G7 melody section. Built it up from there slowly adding each part. Took 20 minutes to have them playing the whole melody and then dividing into parts and playing call and response.

    Good resource – Mahalo

    • Ash Brammah Jun 18, 2023


      I meant to write ‘provenance’ not ‘providence’. Auto correct sneaked that one passed me!