B2. “Nani Kaʻala” Chords & Lyrics

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  • bob seeley Feb 19, 2023

    For anyone attempting to tackle the Hawaiian language, definitely check out Brad’s podcast. There is an episode devoted entirely to speaking and proper pronunciation which can help you figure out many words that may appear in other songs as well.

    • Brad Bordessa Feb 20, 2023

      Mahalo for the reminder, Bob! I added the podcast above.

  • Patrice Leguy Mar 18, 2023

    Hello ! I’m not at all familiar with backing tracks so it’s very difficult for me to follow allong just by ear ! May be, at first, a play-along video with scrolling chords would be easier… May be it ould be intersting to make a tuto about using backing track ? Mahalo !

    • Brad Bordessa Mar 19, 2023

      I’ll think about a tutorial. I can see how a visual play-through would be helpful. Stay tuned!

      In the meantime, the most helpful thing for “flying blind” with just the backing track is to get familiar with the arrangement that my recordings follow. Basically, how much changes between the lead sheet and the performance. I think there is an extra bar or two for the vamp between verses.

      • Patrice Leguy Mar 20, 2023

        Sure that I need to improve my ear with a deeper listening too, so with only backing track, there is no other way so may be it’s difficult but that’s the way to be a better musician ? Thanks for you reply Brad.

        • Brad Bordessa Nov 30, 2023

          Ear training is hard, but it gets easier the more you do it. There’s no time to start like now!