Lesson 1 – Fretting Physics

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  • bob seeley May 3, 2022

    Your graphics explaining the Break Angle are very helpful in understanding the physics of shortening the string. This makes it crystal clear why one should finger immediately behind the fret. Your attention to these minor yet significant details are what make your lessons stand out above the rest.

    • Brad Bordessa May 3, 2022

      Mahalo Bob. I’m not much of a graphics wiz, but I thought those turned out well enough!

  • Ken Alexander May 19, 2022

    Hi Brad,
    You might want to mention that you don’t have to push the sting all of the way down to the finger board. Only as far as you need too get a clean note. Or, am I getting ahead of the program?

    • Brad Bordessa May 19, 2022

      Check out the next lesson! ;-)