Lesson 13 – Chord Tips

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  • Anna Baluyot May 19, 2022

    There are great tips here! It is so easy to skip this if you are an advanced beginner…but do yourself a favor and don’t. The subtleties of holding a chord are typically never discussed in the fine detail that Brad does here. Don’t miss it!

  • Joanne Craigie May 30, 2022

    Brad’s tip ‘push with your thumb’ for tricky barre chords helps a lot

    • Brad Bordessa May 30, 2022

      So glad, Joanne!

  • Susan Murry Aug 19, 2023

    “Mindfulness” outstanding word to remember!

    This is a very important lesson as a reminder to be mindful
    of fingers and thumb positions.
    Picking and chords definitely use different hand positions.
    My chord position was a bit “sloppy” without my noticing it.
    My single notes are crisp and clear because of playing the violin.
    Mindfulness should solve the issue.
    Thank you for correcting my hand before it is a bad habit.