Lesson 7 – Legato and Staccato

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  • Susan Murry Aug 7, 2023

    Bravo Brad!
    Brilliant lesson to learn more about right hand control.
    This makes practicing scales so much prettier to the ear.
    It also adds more feeling to simple melodies.
    Using my thumb and fingers pulling more into my hand to sustain the
    note for legato helps me.
    Similar to a golf swing follow-through.
    Quick pluck of the string for staccato.
    Where the staccato is a pluck like on a violin staccato notes.
    Definitely easier to learn knowing piano and violin.
    The challenge is to play each note purposely to get the even tones.
    Legato definitely takes more time to learn, but enjoyable to practice.
    Allowing the notes to “sing” is nice.

    I did learn a difference in strings and instruments of different
    brands do make a difference so there.
    Subtle changes are needed when switching instruments.
    A Kamaka compared to a Kaloha is quite different.
    Nylon strings to flourocarbon huge difference.
    This is a very eye-opening and rewarding lesson!
    Thank you Brad for taking the time to teach this now when I am
    trying to learn good habits with my playing.

    • Brad Bordessa Aug 7, 2023

      So you’re finding that legato is assisted more with your plucking hand and how you pick? My experience is that the left hand making clumsy movements is what causes unwanted staccato for most people. Interesting!

      • Susan Murry Aug 7, 2023

        Yes, it is definitely my right hand.
        My right hand is in charge of volume and speed.
        Without the “plucking” there is no sound.
        That is why my ring finger and pinky need exercised on both hands to finger pick.
        They are as uncoordinated as the left hand until being trained.
        Reminder I played violin so I am use to a bow not fingers.